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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  September 29, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 thursday, september 29th. 3 september 29th. guess what? it's national coffee day!did you get your starbucks this morning? morning?make sure they spell your name correctly... because one woman is ásteamingá after she received her order recently. check this out.a formerly loyal starbucks customer found something unexpected on her morning cup of joe. joe.vicki reveron says the b- word was scrawled across the cup she was served at a new york city starbucks.
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3 fiber map 3 3 a lot of oriole fans are waking up with a smile this mor. would have
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thought the o's won the world series last night. night.their season ended... but it was one heck of a way to go out.not only did the o's beat the boston red sox... they knocked them out of the pl! playoffs!heading into the 9th inning though... the o's were fact, they were one strike away from losing.but they managed to come back... beating the red sox 4 to 3.a huge win for the o's.a tough loss for the red sox... the baltimore orioles have just beaten boston! boston!that announcement may have helped the tampa bay rays during their game against the new york yankees.minutes after the orioles defeated the red sox... the tampa bay rays clinched the a-l-e wild card... with a stunning rally against the new york yankees. they came back... after being down 7-nothing... beating the yankees 8-to-7... on a home run in the 12th inning. 3
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investigators are looking into an early morning building collapse... in west happened just after 2 o'clock... at a 3-story row home... on druid hill avenue.luckily... no one was inside at the time. the team of engineers will once again rappell down the monument today. today.just look at this video from wedensday... the group carefully goes down the washington monument for the first time yesterday... searching for damage on the massive marble structure from last month's five-point-eight magnitude quake.what a sight to see. a massachusetts man is behind bars... accused of plotting tt bomb the pentagon.. pentagon..police say the 26- year-old was planning to use a remote-controlled model aircraft for the undercover f-b-i investigation lead police to the suspect.
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they say they don't believe ferdaus ever posed any real danger to he public because undercover agents kept in close touch with him. check your fridge.maryland is affected by a tyson food recall. recall.the company is recalling 130- thousand pounds of ground's tested positive for e-coli.the meat was sold under various store brands and generic beef packaging in our state.e-coli can cause severe sickness and even death ... in extreme casss. watch your speed... especially this coming monday. monday.that's when three relocated speed cameras will become operational. the cameras have been moved to school zones at middle river middle school, eastern technical high school and catonsville high school. the county says that for the first 30 days.... drivers exceeding the speed limit by at least 12 miles-per-hour will receive a warning. after that... tickets will be issued. police and firefighters are going to battle it out, to raise money for injured officers. officers. but some are
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wondering if a cage fighting charity event, might actually cause more injuries than it may help? help? joel d. smith is live in glen burnie... at one of the training centers for a closer look at the event. good morning joel d. good morning patrice. 3
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3 it's time to shoot it's time to shoot for the cure!
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cure!ready? three... two... one... ! !coming up... we're going skeet shooting with emily gracey.... we'll see if she's a good shot next. next.((singing nats)) nats))and it's another round of auditions on 3 x-factor... oh dear... what simon had to say about these girls coming up. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out))
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--meteorologist emily gracey is live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot --shoot for the cure at loch raven skket and cure at loch --shoot for the --shoot for the cure at loch raven skeet and trap center--benefit the maryland affiliate of susan g.
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komen for the cure --participants will be "playiig the clays," shooting targets to raise money for the cause. breast cancer won't know what hit it. it. shoot for the cure is at loch raven skeet and cure is at loch shoot for the shoot for the cure is at loch raven skeet
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and trap center on saturday and sunday.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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let's play another game... how about simon says? says?simon says... that was hor. horrible.((its the worst group ive heard in my life)) life))coming up... simon's wise words for this mothee- daughter duo. duo. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.. 3 baltimore. good day watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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"i woke up that morning and i turned the tv on and it was the "700 club" and there was someone on there saying, 'there's someone who is struggling right now and you're at a point in your life where you have made it but there's something that's missing. and i want to tell you that that something missing is jesus. "you won't be happy until you do what i did. ask him to be your lord and savior." the x factor is looking for
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the next big star.. but this next singing group obviously didn't get the memo. memo.singing nats natsdarwin and sherry are in a mother- daughter group called "the good girls." but they were really really.. well... not good. im not being rude but its the worst group ive heard in my lifethere was nothing nothing "the good girls" don't make it 3 through to "bootcamp".. and
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miss out on a áá5 million dollará recording contract! contract!"the x factor" continues tonight at 8pm here on fox45. 3 3
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3 map fiber map old court 3
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baltimore dot com slash morning. still to come on fox45 good day baltimore- interest in the trial of michael jackson's doctor is extremely high... now there's a way for you to foolow along all day long.details next. plus- from a bar fight with bristol to a mother with a deadly glare... we've got all the great things caught on camera this week. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4))
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3 3 3 ((ááad lib 2 faced felineáá))
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fiber map more gripping testimony is expected today... at the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death.prosecutors accuse him of giving jackson a lethal dose of the anesthetic, propofol.on wednesday... jackson' security detail spoke about the day he died... saying two of jackson's kids watched... as medical crews tried to revive their father. interest in the murray trial
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is incredibly high... this morning we are learning that there is app about the trial.'s called the michael jackson doctor trial... look at this. this. the app features live streaming coverage of the trial and daily video news can also get breaking news alerts and expert analysis. 3 3 who's tougher..... city firefighters, or city police officers? officers? bragging rights are on the line as the first responders are going to battle it out in an mixed martial arts competition, for charity. charity. joel d. smith is live in glen burnie where some of the training is underway this morning..... hello joel... good morning.
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3 hallmark is out with a new line of greeting cards... for people dealing with loss. loss.ájobá loss... that is. is.the series of cards feature words of sympathy... for the recently unemployed.with the national unemployment rate hovering at 9-percent... cards for the job-free might actually be a good business move.
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3 we all squealed when we heard this next story. story.coming up... the happy ending to the runaway pig story out of linthicum. do nnt adjust your set... that is a cat with two faces... we'll meet him... or them... a little later. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5)) re-united and it ásquealsá so g!
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good!after a month on the run ... two pot bellied pigs are finally rrunited. reunited.the pair were spotted near the baltimore-washington parkway in linthicum.animal controo officers nabbed the first pig... a female... last week. now the second has been caught along hammonds ferry road. road.the pigs are named miss piggy and kermit. they'll stay at anne arundel county animal control for the next five days... then, they'll be put up for adoption. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from "jimm boyd's flooring america."get 100 dollars off any 1-thousand dollar purchase. just go to my-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideals on your smar. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. it's the cat that will have you doing a double take! take!((he's fine with the way he looks. )) coming up... meet frank and louie... one cat... with two fa. bristol palin
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gets in a bar fight... a baseball fan faces the wrath of his wife... and a look inside the washington monument during the earthquake... it's &pall caught on camera coming u. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 here kitty kitty takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to this next cat. cat.that's right. you actually need to call him twice... because he may be just one cat... but he's got 2 faces! diana perez shows us this incredible cat... that's now earning a place in the history . books. to most people meeting "frank n louie" for the first time.. he looks like any ordinary cat. they initially walk up with the look of 'oh, what a beautiful cat!', and then as he turns, i see the look of horror come across their face. "frank n louie"... the cat
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with two names... is also the cat with two faces. and aftee turning 12 earlier this month.. he's now the oldest pwo-faced cat. he was nominated for the guinness world records for the longest surviving janus cat, which is a new term for two-faced cat. (nats) but "frank n louie" almost didnt make it. at just one day old a breeder dropper him off to be euthanized. marty, a veterinary nurse, adopted him right away.nobody had claimed him, and i said, i'll take him, i'll take him. and everybody just told me, 'don't get your hopes up... they don't live.' and i said, 'let me just try.'and so this two faced feline actually grew up to be a loving, healthy cat. with a few unique quirks that make frank, frank... and louie, louie. everything works in unison so when this side eats, this side sometimes goes up and down. he sees out of the two outside eyes here, the middle eye is not functional. he's fine with the way he looks. twice the cat... twice the cute!(nats: whatcha looking at? look at those bright lights!) frank and louie's life expectancy is actually 13 to 15 years. but marty hopes he'll keep his 'miracle cat' status, and live well into and in case you're
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wondering, the term roman god janus, who also had two faces. this nexx woman this next woman didn't need 3 eyes to get her point across. across.((nats)) ((nats)) coming up ... it's the glare seen around the world. world. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((br time for caught on camera...
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camera... for all those people we know out west that laughed at us for last month's earthquake... we got the video this week to prove just how dramatic it was. was.take a look at this new video... from áinsideá the washington monument at the time of the earthquake.this is near the top of the monument. the park ranger on the left takes a few seconds to realize what's going on.debris falls from the ceiling and some of the biggest blocks of rock fell á insideá the monument. 3 --rappelling the monument wednesday the palin family is no stranger to contvroversy.... it seems to follow contvroversy.... it no stranger to the palin family is wednesdaymonument wednesday
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the palin family is no stranger to contvroversy.... it seems to follow them wherever they go. go.this past weekend was no gets into a war of words with a mmn who tarts shouting obscenities at her .. take a look. start with "your mother's a ááááá" when she gets off the bulloh is she? you want her dead?if there was a hell she'll be thereshe's evil is this b/c youre homoesexualbecause i can tell you are areáádiscussáá
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this pregnant woman didn't spend her weekend decorating the nursery.she's accused of breaking into a home in new jersey! - 20 years old.. and 7 months along- broke into a house.. caught on surveillance video- made off with pillow cases filled with 7- thousand dollars worth of electronics.. jewelry and cash.- suspected of other burglaries in the area. this has got to be the best video of the week...'s a moment caught on camera at a baseball game.. and actually... there ends up being two moments...let's check out the first moment... 3 ((:19 ohhh!..... haha..woww! :23))3
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:23))it's a little tough to see... but at a baseball game in taiwan... a man drops his daughter while trying to lunge for a foul ball. but that's not the best part of this video... watch what happens next. ((:33 mama...laughter...:42)) mama...laughter...:42)) ((áááad libáááá)) don't go anywhere... meteorologist steve fertig has a look at a big cool down n your 7 day forecast. forecast. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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áá7 day fooecastáá 3 ((break 8)) 3 you love
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